Scholars Academy: Call for Nominations


The new Institutes for Resilient and Inclusive Societies and Ecosystems (iRISE) is dedicated to solving complex problems facing society. We want to do things differently. From discovery to impact. The SDGs@UofT is an official Institutional Strategic Initiative (ISI) that is a key part of iRISE. It seeks to catalyze positive convergence research that guides effective actions on the SDGs and informs future global goals for an equitable and sustainable future.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our flagship initiative, the SDGs Scholars Academy. The SDGs Scholars Academy would serve as a think tank, bringing together and supporting a global community of scholars, policy makers and practitioners in open discussion and dialogue to conduct convergence research that disrupts status quo thinking and addresses complex issues crucial to sustainable development. It will mobilize knowledge critical to advancing resilient, just, equitable, and sustainable futures, based on the current and next iteration of the SDG framework post 2030.

Nominations for Fellows

We are seeking nominations for fellows to the Academy. The following eligibility requirements must be followed to nominate a fellow:

Faculty can also self-nominate.

Nomination details

Each nomination packages should include:

Nominations must be uploaded to the completed nomination form by Friday October 27th, 2023. All inquiries or technical questions can be sent via email to

Enter your search terms

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